VITEZ projekt d.o.o. za projektiranje i nadzor u građevinarstvu

VITEZ projekt d.o.o. za projektiranje i nadzor u građevinarstvu

News – Vitez Projekt

2014. – we get permission Croatian Ministry of culture for the preliminary, main and detailed design for works on immovable cultural property.

June 2013.– revised our project for steel silo capacity 130 m3, budget to HRN EN 1993-1-6: 2008.

October 2012. – our two cases of legalization of buildings in Osijek and Požega get permits – a decision on the derived condition.
Together with our partners we produce documentation for the legalization of illegally constructed buildings – geodetic studies, architectural shots, evidence of fulfilled the essential requirement of mechanical resistance and stability.

October 2011. – 4 the Days passive house

March 2011. – the company is working on a project strengthening existing reinforced concrete structures gluing slats of carbon fiber.
Vertical structure was built and strengthens the one sided or double sided reinforced concrete lining.

Building design

The company offers a full service building design and tehnical supervision of industrial, agricultural, residential or commercial building, incorporating civil engineering, architectural, mechanical and electrical portion of the project with its Partners.

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